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Major Milestone reached!

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Raptor Awards CIC Surpasses 4000 Tests Milestone

Raptor Awards CIC the UK’s only network of quality assured Instructors and assessor serving the Bird of Prey community are thrilled to announce a significant milestone. In a testament to their commitment to education and excellence, Raptor Awards has successfully conducted over 4000 tests of knowledge and understanding for bird of prey keepers working towards a certificated course.

About Raptor Awards CIC: Falconry Education

Raptor Awards CIC is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to improve the welfare of captive birds of prey through education and training. As the sole quality-assured network of specialist instructors in the UK, they offer a range of Falconry and bird of prey courses catering to individuals at every skill level – from absolute beginners to aspiring professional falconers. These courses encompass both theoretical and practical aspects, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

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The Journey to 4000 Tests

Reaching the milestone of 4000 tests is a remarkable achievement for Raptor Awards, reflecting their unwavering commitment to fostering knowledge and skills within the bird of prey community. These tests play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals working with Birds of Prey meet the highest standards of expertise and understanding. “Testing ensures that learners have covered the whole curriculum and helps towards their eventual certification” said Director Derek Hartshorne earlier today.

National and Occupational Standards: Setting the Bar High

At the core of Raptor Awards’ mission is the development of the International Standards for Bird of Prey Welfare. Through collaboration with professional falconers, raptor veterinarians, and other internationally renowned experts, Raptor Awards meticulously devises and accredits training programs and courses based on ‘the standards’. This ensures that individuals entering the field of falconry are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to uphold the welfare and good husbandry of Birds of Prey. Read more about the National Standards here: #read article

Flexible Learning Options: Study Anywhere, Anytime

One of the standout features of Raptor Awards’ offerings is the flexibility they provide to learners. Whether one prefers studying at home or opting for short courses at centres across the UK, Raptor Awards ensures that aspiring falconers can access quality education that suits their individual preferences and schedules.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Commitment to Excellence

As Raptor Awards looks back on this remarkable journey, they remain steadfast in their commitment to excellence. The road ahead involves further collaboration with experts, the continual refinement of educational programs, and the ongoing support of the Bird of Prey community.

Check out the current list of courses here: #browseourcourses

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