Lantra conversion & update

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Lantra Conversion Course:

falconry courseDo you hold an old Lantra ‘Beginning Falconry Award’?

Do you need to update your certification for professional use?

Would you like to check your skills and knowledge against the latest national standards for bird of prey welfare?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then this is the  short course for you.

Why convert my old certificate?

Originally developed in 2004 the old Lantra syllabus no longer meets the current national standards for bird of prey management and training.   There have been technological changes since then, and the national standards themselves have been revised twice.

This short conversion course is based on the latest version of the national standards and fills the ‘gaps’ in the old Lantra Course.

Successful completion leads to full certification by Raptor Awards against the latest national standards “C1 to C8” inclusive.

This course can be fully completed online and at your own pace.

You will be assigned an online mentor/assessor who will hand-mark your completed worksheet.  Feedback will be given in any areas where your answers are not yet up to speed.  You also get access to short guidance notes, links to external resources and an self-administered online test to help you check your own knowledge and understanding.

If, in the future, you want to progress to a Raptor Awards Professional course, your new certificate meets the pre-requirements for these courses.

Go to the lesson for this course where you will find your online materials.

Please note that there is an additional ‘stand-alone’ module ‘C9 – Flying unrestrained birds of prey’ that you may also find of interest – see out list of current courses.

Good luck.