Current courses

Please note: These Raptor Awards Courses comprise both theory and practical skills.

You can study for your ‘Theory Certificate’ using the resources and recommended reading materials in this online portal. Your personal learning area and course materials are immediately available as soon as you have registered and paid for your first course.

For Full Certification (Theory and Practice) you will need to be formally assessed by one of our Approved Assessors. Formal courses offered by our Approved Instructor/Assessors can be found in our Register

Keeping Birds of Prey (Theory and Practice)

Designed for anyone who would like to keep a bird of prey or owl. Five modules including: Accommodation, Feeding, Health, catching and restraining, and legislation.

A certificated course comprising knowledge and understanding of the subject plus a practical assessment by a Raptor Awards Approved Instructor/assessor.

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Training Birds of Prey (Theory and Practice)

This course is for those who intend to handle their bird of prey or owl and to let it fly free.

This is a follow-on course from Keeping birds of prey.

This course comprises 4 modules as follows: Falconry Furniture and Equipment, Species and types and their characteristics, Initial training, manning and weight management, Flying an unrestrained bird of prey or owl.

To receive your theory certificate for this course you must demonstrate a sound background knowledge about birds of prey and their training, or,  work with one of our Approved Instructors and gain full certification (Theory and Practice).

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Combined Course (Theory and Practice)

Study both these courses at once -Keeping Birds of Prey and Training Birds of Prey.  Now incorporates module C9 (flying unrestrained birds of prey)

All 9 modules in one convenient place.

Takes you from the earliest stages of choosing the correct bird of prey for you, right through to releasing it for the first time to fly free and to return safely to your hand.

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Module 9 – Flying unrestrained birds of prey (Theory and Practice)

Bird of prey education

This is a stand alone short course for holders of older Raptor Awards Certificates covering modules C1 to C8.
The original Raptor Awards courses did not include free flying of raptors.
Complete this course to bring your certificates up to date.

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Inspecting Bird of Prey establishments

An 8 module course for anyone required to visit bird of prey establishments for inspection.  Suitable for AAL Inspectors, Wildlife Crime Officers and others with a role in inspection and the welfare of birds of prey.

Full of practical tips to help spot welfare issues as well as clear explanations of how birds of prey are managed, and what to expect when visiting.

This course is an essential grounding for non-bird of prey specialists who need the basic knowledge to perform efficient and effective inspection visits.

Can also be used as a refresher course for those who have previously attended a one day face to face inspection course, or as a complete guide for new inspectors

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Lantra to Raptor Awards Conversion

Do you hold an old Lantra ‘Beginning Falconry Award’?

Do you need to update your certification for professional use?

Would you like to check your skills and knowledge against the latest national standards for bird of prey welfare?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then this is the  short course for you.

Originally developed in 2004 the old Lantra syllabus no longer meets the current national standards for bird of prey management and training.   There have been technological changes since then, and the national standards themselves have been revised twice.

This short conversion course is based on the latest version of the national standards and fills the ‘gaps’ in the old Lantra Course.

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