Bird Control Level 2


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for those already operating in the bird control sector, and for aspiring new entrants.

It is for bird control Operatives or Technicians who work in an employed capacity and under the direct control or supervision of your employer.

Please note that if you intend to work on your own account, or to supervise others, then the Level 3 – Professional Award in Bird Control using Birds of Prey is more suitable for you.



What does the course cover?

This course focuses on:

  1. the background knowledge and understanding you will need to bring to the role, and
  2. the particular practical skills required to safely and competently fly birds of prey for bird control purposes.

Topics include:

  • The legal aspects of bird control in the UK
    • Licensing of bird control activities
    • Reports and returns required by law
    • Alternative abatement methods not requiring licensing
    • Insurance requirements for bird control activities
  • Objectives of abatement activities
    • Non-lethal deterrence
    • Choice of abatement methods
    • Record keeping
  • Avian pests and their natural history
    • Definition of avian pest
    • The harm caused  by avian pests
    • Common pest species encountered in the territory
    • The natural history of common pests and the impact on abatement operations
    • Less common pests in the territory and how to deal with them
  • Welfare of species during abatement
  • Welfare law and its implications for abatement
    • Choice of raptor species for the operation
    • Hazards and the mitigation of risk
    • Minimise harm to target and non-target species
    • Care of raptors during abatement operations
    • First aid techniques
    • Advanced telemetry


Certification is available at two levels:-

  1. Partial Certification (theory only)
  2. Full Certification (Theory and practice)