Study at home

Why study at Home?

Sometimes it’s just not convenient for you to attend a formal course at a Falconry Centre, or to take private lessons with a mentor, but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn about the care and training of birds of prey.

All raptor awards Certificated Courses are a mix of theory and practical. You will need to have a good background knowledge and understanding of what it takes to keep a bird of prey in good condition, how to house it and feed it correctly, and how to maintain its health and well being.

We have devised two ‘Theory only’ options you can study at home.

1. ‘ Keeping birds of prey’ is ideal for anyone who intends to keep an owl or bird of prey in an aviary.

It comprises 5 modules covering: accommodation, feeding, health, catching and restraining, and legislation. Each module features a overview of the subject, and includes a downloadable worksheet. References to sources of information and text books and an online quiz where you can test your growing knowledge.

2. ‘Training and flying birds of prey’ is ideal for candidates who intend to regularly handle and fly their bird of prey without restraint.

It comprises 4 modules covering: Falconry furniture and equipment, Species characteristics, initial training, manning and weight management, and flying an unrestrained bird of prey.

You can also ask for help and guidance (via email) at any time, or build a relationship with one of our approved Instructor/assessors.

Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate of achievement.

If, at any time in the future you wish to complete a practical skills course you can apply for a full certificate when your assessor is confident that you meet our competence standards

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