Training birds of prey (04_20) (Theory and Practice)

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Training a bird of prey to fly free can be difficult.  It requires an understanding of the physical and psychological make  up of raptors and how to work with these to ensure the well-being of your bird of prey whilst at the same time achieving your goals.

The course builds upon your basic husbandry and management skills developed in the course ‘Keeping birds of prey’ and covers 4 modules:

  • C6. Falconry furniture and equipment
  • C7. Species characteristics and types
  • C8. Initial training, manning and weight management
  • C9. Flying an unrestrained bird of prey

Each lesson has a test of your knowledge which you can use to demonstrate your improving knowledge and understanding.

Study at home for your Theory only Certificate, or chooses a Raptor awards Approved course for full certification (Theory and Practice)

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