Data Protection

Data protection statement

What we do with your data

All data is securely held by the Raptor Awards under the terms of the Data Protection Act and will be treated confidentially and with the utmost care and respect.

Raptor Awards is keen to strike a fair balance between your personal privacy and ensuring that you obtain full value from the products and services it provides, whilst ensuring that it complies with all protection that the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”) affords to you. Raptor Awards will hold your personal data securely in accordance with the Act under which it is fully registered.

Raptor Awards reserves the right to use external vendors to operate its IT environments including a hosting service.  Any or all data provided to Raptor Awards the hosting service might be transported and stored outside the UK, but such movement and storage will be performed under appropriate safeguards and security provisions such as, for example, in the USA under the EU–US Privacy Shield.

If you would like to change any information that Raptor Awards alumni database holds on you please email your request to:

Data that you give to Raptor Awards (including personal data, collected during your association with Raptor Awards) either online, by email, by telephone, in person or by postal update will be used by Raptor Awards, including, but not limited to staff directly related to the interests of Raptor Awards. The data will not be disclosed to external organisations other than those acting as agents for Raptor Awards.

We may communicate with you in person, by phone, email and mail, except where you have expressed a preference not to be contacted in a specific way and your data will be used for the following purposes:

  • the distribution of Raptor Awards information and publications
  • the sending of emails, which may be tracked and stored and analysed to ensure that we are better able to tailor our communications
  • fund raising operations except where the individual has expressed a preference not to be included
  • the promotion of benefits and services
  • notification of events, and of programmes
  • information about courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities
  • the promotion of careers path information
  • requests to complete relevant surveys
  • research and audit purposes
  • and for any other use deemed to sit within our data protection statement

The Data Protection Act gives you the right to request that your data is not used for any of the above purposes. If you do not wish your personal details to be used by Raptor awards for any or all of the above purposes, you can at any time by contacting

If you do not wish your personal details to be held by us we will remove your address and contact details from your record.  To do this, please contact

Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to be told whether information exists about you, and the right to receive the information.